I’m Jamie and here you will find simple and colorful recipes that make me happy. I grew up on a farm in western NJ and was surrounded by my Nana’s (who lives across the field) and mom’s homemade cooking. My favorites being Sunday night pasta with meatballs and sausages with a side of garlic bread, Nana’s cucumber sandwiches fresh from her garden and my yearly poppy seed chocolate birthday cake. I like to call my style comforting & colorful, inspired by the simple country life I grew up in. My recipes are a little bit of “healthy”, balanced with sweet and savory treats that I like to enjoy and share with others. During high school, I developed restrictive eating habits and body image issues, causing me to miss out on cooking and limiting my meals to barely anything. 10+ years later, I am eating a balanced diet + having fun with food again and I want to share that with you (since I missed out on many years doing so). Now, cooking and baking are my form of self-care.

Currently, I am pregnant and going to be a mom to a baby girl in September, my husband and I are so excited! I am also managing my own wellness & foodie instagram page, @jamie.devergillo, providing social media services for local businesses in NJ and working in an elementary school as a school counselor. So, let’s just say, I am very social, creative and adaptive. If you want to work with me, please check out my contact page for more information. I hope you are inspired by my page and we get the chance to connect!

xo Jamie