6 Easy Trader Joe’s Meals

Hi all! I just went to Trader Joe’s with Daisy and got a few items to make at least 6 weeknight meals this week! My friend Kristen (who is literally about to have a baby today or tomorrow, YAY) gave me the idea of putting together easy dinner’s for new moms or busy people in general! All of these are super easy to make and use only a few Trader Joe’s ingredients and take less than 15 minutes to make (maybe the pizza takes longer because it has to bake). You can add in more veggies to your liking and sub things you rather have, but here are some base ideas for some quick meals to put together to enjoy! Let me know which is your fave and be sure to follow on instagram for more ideas like this. Have fun shopping and making these!

1. BBQ Chicken Nachos

Nachos…need I say more? We looooove ourselves some nachos so Mark is going to really love this one! I think we will be having this one today. I got the corn chip dippers as the base and then I am going to add the garlic sriracha bbq sauce (THIS IS SO GOOD, my new fave product, I have been using it on everything and anything) onto the grilled chicken and cheddar cheese. Bake on 350 for about 10 minutes until the cheese is all melty and add some scallions on top!

2. Taco Tuesday

You can never go wrong with tacos, they are so delish! I got the yellow corn taco shells, ground beef, cheddar cheese, taco seasoning and I will add some lettuce and tomatoes. We are having this with a side of Cuban style black beans (so excited to try these) and a side salad!

3. Mandarin Orange Chicken

Save this one for a night when you really don’t have much time but you wanna eat something super delish. I will be adding some broccoli to the side of this one!

4. Turkey Bolognese Pasta

I loooove these egg fettuccine noodles, they are gluten free and I had sooo many of them during my pregnancy when I was not tolerating gluten. They only take a few minutes to boil and are so yummy. I will be adding the “just sauce” turkey bolognese on top and mixing in some spinach and then for sure sprinkling some parm cheese on top.

5. Sweet Potato Gnocci &Chicken Sausage

One of my go-to’s every week is chicken sausage with something…it is so easy and we love this brand! I will be pairing the chicken sausage with the sweet potato gnocci and spinach and also probably adding some goat cheese…oh yes def will be adding that.

6. Margarita Pizza with a Side Salad

For this one I picked up pizza crusts, I have never tried them yet but I am excited, they come in a pack of two! I then will add their Rustico Sauce, fresh mozzarella cheese and pepperoni and will serve with this Southwestern chopped salad. Sounds yummy and like our Friday night meal!

I hope you like how easy these meals are as much as I do and they help you get through the week a little bit easier without having to think too much about your dinners. Let me know which one you like the most!

xo Jamie

Babbleboxx Mom + Baby Box

Thank you to Babbleboxx for this amazing winter box filled with such amazing goodies for baby girl and myself! *This blog post is sponsored by Babblebox. I was introduced to so many new brands through this box and baby girl is loving her items! I wanted to share with you about the six brands that were included in this box. We will be using most of the items and I will be gifting a few to my friends who are about to have babies! Now, let’s get into this mom + baby winter box filled with great stuff!!

1. The First Years

The first item is from The First Years ,  I was so excited to receive The First Years, First Dreams 3D Portable Bassinet . We’re on the go a lot and this is perfect and SO easy to pack in the car and bring for Daisy to use for her naps when we visit family or friends! I love knowing she’s somewhere comfy and safe to sleep when we travel. We also use this in our living room, because she officially out grew her basket for naps. I love that you can see her from all angles with the 3D mesh so that I can cook and clean with ease, knowing I can see her at all times. Also, it is Jamie proof, aka you don’t even need to put it together, you just take it out of the box and it opens up! Oh, and it’s super cute and matches our living room aesthetics win win.

We also received The First Years, Gentle Warmth Digital Bottle Warmer. This has been perfect for these colder days! In all honestly, I had stopped using a bottle warmer when it was warmer out, but now I can tell she is much more soothed when having her formula warmed up with this winter chill going on outside. I like using this one because it’s small , white and stays out on the counter, but doesn’t make the counter look cluttered (total pet peeve of mine). The bottle warmer also warms it up so nicely (we use the room temp setting) with a warm water bath, which keeps the bottles warmer longer. She has been loving her warmer bottles now!

2. Baby Magic

I was excited to see Baby Magic moisturizing lotion and shampoo because I have yet to pick a favorite for bath time! Daisy has finally started warming up to baths and these products really helped! They smelled super gooood and were nice and gentle on her little body.

3. Triple Paste

This Triple Paste, diaper cream was just what I needed to add to her changing station! It is an in one triple protection – prevents, treats, soothes. It’s been great when she is looking irritated and has helped so much. You can find a coupon to use on their website!

4. WishGarden

I will be gifting these WishGarden AfterEase & Baby Blues liquid herbal extracts to a friend giving birth in a week! AfterEase can be used to soothe normal and temporary afterbirth contractions that occur when the uterus contracts and returns to its normal pre- pregnancy size. Baby Blues can be used to calm and soothe a new mom experiencing baby blues! These would have been perfect for post baby and I can’t wait to gift them to someone who will love them.

5. Bamboobies

I will also be gifting these Bamboobies nursing pads and nipple balm to a mom friend who will be breastfeeding! These sound super helpful for someone who is breastfeeding their baby and would make such a difference! They will be perfect for her to pack in her hospital bag for post partum! You can use the promo code: BABBLEBOXX on their website for 30% off your purchase until the end of the year!

Thank you so much for reading along and checking out these amazing products! Follow along on instagram to continue seeing my motherhood journey! Have a great weekend and stay warm 🙂

xo Jamie

Daisy’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hi all! Happy holiday season! We are so so excited for Daisy’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are approaching too quickly. I have already started holiday shopping for her and ordered a bunch of these items on this list and sent the rest to her grandparents to get her (hehehe, she may be a little spoiled). There are so many fun and exciting toys on the market so I had to narrow it down to a few! The toys listed are for the 3 month to around 1 year stage. I listed my top ten favorite finds that Daisy will be getting. Feel free to shop through the blog, it will help support my family and we appreciate it SO much! The website I shopped on (Maisonette) also has a new customer discount code I used for 10% off and free shipping, it is HELLO10. Click the photoa to shop the toy or the link in the description. I hope these catch your attention as much as they did mine. Happy holiday shopping!!! Follow along on instagram to see Daisy play with all these toys after Christmas!

Sophie teether’s seem to be a favorite! I see them everywhere, so we had to get one for her when she starts teething!

How cute is this safari lion plush stacker! It just arrived this week and I am loving the size and how cozy it is!

We know I love me some farm stuff and just look at that PIGGY! This farm roller set of five is so cute and I think this will really keep her attention!

I loved this water play farm mat, mostly because I grew up on a farm and I love me anything farm related. This is perfect for tummy time and I can’t wait to see how she likes it! I loveeee how bright and colorful it is!

I had to get this adorable DAISY onesie! I ordered it in the 3-6 size and it is going to look so cute with a pair of pants and a cardigan!

Act fast on these Lucy Darling teethers! I actually ordered a daisy one, but it is already sold out! This sun and rainbow one is so cute I may need it too!

This adorable walker TOO CUTE! It is wooden but also colorful so I really liked the design plus it has flowers on it so I was sold instantly. This will be perfect to use when she is around 9 months or so to help with learning how to walk!

These little bead rollers are perfect for play time! I can’t wait to hang on the floor with her and see her move them around.

I love these art cards for baby! The black and white contrast is a favorite of the little babies!

Last, but not least, this adorable animal name puzzle! We got Daisy her name with a cute panda piece!

I hope you enjoyed all of my holiday gift finds for baby girl Daisy! I hope you have an amazing holiday season and remember, above all LOVE is the best present we can give our babies, all of this is just extra. Be sure to follow on Instagram to keep up with our family!

xo Jamie

7 Days with Daisy

Hi!!! Our sweet baby girl, Daisy is here! We welcomed her to our family on September 21st at 11:10am after an amazing birth at St Barnabas Medical Center. She was 7lb 4oz and 19.5 inches of pure cuteness and the most squeezable cheeks!! We are in love and I am still feeling as if this is a dream. After ten months of waiting anxiously for this sweet girl, I could not be happier becoming her mother and seeing Mark become a father, it is truly the best feeling. I keep telling Mark I am just so happy and I just have this new feeling of calm and I love it. Obviously we have not had that much sleep, we are still learning everyday and she loooooves to be finicky from 6:30pm-bed time…we are really enjoying this new chapter of our life and doing this together. I wanted to share our favorite products we have been loving (and Daisy!) that have been helpful for us the past week. I am sure some of these may change down the line but these are the things we love now.

So many of these products were recommended from my mom friends who have been the absolute BEST to go to for questions, support and advice. I could not do this new mom journey without them and I am super thankful to be able to ask so many questions and trust their opinions. So, here are the different products we are loving! Follow along on instagram for baby spam like crazy and updates!


We have decided to bottle feed baby girl with formula. I made a post about it on my instagram here if you want to read why we chose this route. We are very happy with our decision and believe whichever way you decide to feed your baby that works for YOU and your family is the best way to feed them 🙂 Here are some of our favorite products for feeding her!

Enfamil Gentle Ease Formula

Avent Bottles

Avent Bottle Warmer

BabyGanics Bottle Wash

Bottle Brush

Lunch Box Bag

Burp Cloths

Boppy Pillow

Diaper Station

One of the best things we prepped before baby girl was a diaper station on our main floor and also the changing station upstairs. This way, we don’t have to run up and down the stairs all day for diaper changes and blow outs! Oh boy, we experienced our first one the other day! I have both stocked with diapers, wipes, diaper cream, a few toys for distracting when she is older, pacifiers, extra onesies and burp cloths. We have it set up next to a pack and play downstairs. Here are our favorite products for it that have been helpful!

Freshly Picked Diaper Bag

Graco Pack n’ Play

Huggies Little Snugglers

Huggies Wipes

Changing Pads

Diaper Cart

-Aquaphor Diaper Rash Cream

Bedtime & Naps

We have been pretty lucky with Daisy’s sleeping so far! She sleeps a good 2-3 hours at a time at night and then I change her diaper, feed her, hang with her sitting up for 15 minutes and then she’s sleeping again! She naps about 2 hours at a time (which is why I have time to write this) and does pretty well! We have a few products we love for sleeping that we think are helping! Here are some of our favorite products we are using.

Tad Poles Moses Basket (supervised naps)

Jolly Jumper Rocker (supervised naps)

Halo Bassinet

Bassinet Sheets

Hatch Sound Machine (love red light at night + lullaby)

Vava Night Light (I carry this to her room for diaper changes)

Avent Pacifiers 

Clothes & Swaddles

Wellll…I thought I bought enough clothes before baby girl was born, but everyone said lay low on the newborn sizes and she most def will be in them for a month or two! I had about six sleepers for her when we got home so I placed some orders for more + my friends were amazing and got me a few! Now I feel like we have enough outfits for 3 changes a day (maybe laundry every three days?) in case she has a blow out or spits up. I looooove the zippers or gowns for night time and honestly she stays in these all day too! She also likes being swaddled but sometimes escapes with her strong arms. Here are a few of my favorite brands that are soft and cozy!

Burt’s Bees Sleepers

Hudson Baby Cotton Gowns

Aden + Anais Knotted Gown

-Cloud Island Sleepers

Gerber Organic Onesies

Copper Pearl Swaddles

-Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

I hope you enjoyed reading about the products we love and are able to find ones that work for your little one! Feel free to reach out with any questions or comments on instagram! I am looking forward to this chapter of motherhood and will continue to share with you. Thank you for all the kind messages and support!

xo Jamie

“Cutie” Themed Nursery

Hi everyone! I have been in full nesting mode preparing for baby girl coming in less than 3 weeks!!!! If you follow me on instagram you know I have been working so hard on this space! We are so excited to welcome her into our little family. I wanted to share my favorite place in our home, her nursery. I have been working hard on pulling this “cutie” theme concept together, while keeping the room as minimal as possible, it’s tiny! I knew I wanted her nursery to be BRIGHT and HAPPY and to me, a bright orange theme says just that.

I started off the nursery with choosing her crib and changing/dresser, they are from Davinci Baby, found at Target and I am in love with the feminine details and the bright whites. My dad helped us put these together, Mark is not a handyman…LOL but thankfully we have my dad to help! After picking the crib, I picked the crib sheets, which are from the brand Clementine Kids, unfortunately they are sold out everywhere…but I am linking a similar one from their website, here. My friend Carolyn pulled the whole look completely together with an adorable mobile that she handmade!!!! I am OBSESSED!

Next up was the decor and the details, my favorite part! I framed a clementine print above her crib in a super light wooden frame and I love how it looks! Then, I used some of my creativity and bought this canvas basket from Target and glued orange pom pom’s and green felt on it to make a “cutie” basket! Here is a tutorial I made, it is one of my favorite parts of the room! I added a Studio Mcgee citrus tree on top of a little wooden and white Amazon side table (only $27.99).

I knew I wanted to have a book shelf in her room and something to display her adorable clothes, so I saw this idea on Pinterest to get ikea shelves ($15 each) and turn the bottom one upside down to hang her clothes! I LOVEEEE how this turned out and how it is mounted on the wall and does not take up any space. I filled the shelves with books from the baby shower, I asked that people bring a book instead of a card and I am so thankful for all of her new books! One of my favorite clothing brands so far has been Jamie Kay, they are delicate and feminine, so I displayed a few of her outfits here! I also added my friend Fallon’s adorable Fairytale Wishes fairies, what I love most about these are she makes them with all different skin tones, hair colors and more!

The final touches included some Cuddle + Kind stuffed animals, I love their mission so much (they donate 10 meals to children for every order) and they are such a great company! Blackout curtains from Amazon (a pair for only $28, such a steal), a cute clementine blanket from Kohls, a playmat I found at Marshalls (only $14.99), and a wooden play gym from Amazon (only $50) for some tummy time!

I hope you enjoy her nursery reveal as much as I did putting it together! We are so excited for this next chapter and can’t wait to bring you along! Next up, baby time! Be sure to follow along on instagram for updates! Have a great rest of the week!

xo Jamie