7 MUST BAKE Recipes

I don’t know about you, but I can’t stop and won’t stop baking. I’ve rounded up seven of my favorite baked goods recipes from some of my favorite recipe developers. I will be tagging who made each recipe along with linking you to where you could find their recipes. I have made all of the recipes below and you could see how they turned out, which are ALL delicious. While I have been home this past month, I have been trying to really slow down in the kitchen. I am taking my time with measurements, reading and following directions, watching the oven closely, actually letting the cupcakes cool off before decorating them and just enjoying my time making these goodies. I listen to calming folk music or Taylor Swift and try to bake something new every time! I hope you enjoy the recipes I have tried and loved (I will have to come up with some of my own baked goods recipes soon, I am feeling motivated!) I can’t wait see which ones you decide to make!

1. Lemon Blueberry Cupcakes

Okay, these are first for a reason. I think I am voting them as my #1 favorite baked good recipe I have ever made. To be honest, these are the first not out of a box cupcakes I’ve made and wow, I don’t think I could go back. This is Melanie’s recipe from @garnishandglaze and you can find her recipe here. I made them for my friend Lindsey, who is having a baby boy any day now! I figured BLUEberry…goes with the theme, she loved them! They are moist and dense and the lemon zest adds such a refreshing flavor. Then don’t even get me started about the homemade icing…WOW.

2. Sprinkle Chocolate Chip Cookies

Looking at the photos again of these cookies, have me wanting to make them again and I barely ever make anything twice. This is Erin’s recipe from @thespiffycookie, you can find her recipe here. I made these for my friend, Molly’s 30th birthday as they are so fun and festive! I used chocolate chunks instead of chips because I like the extra chocolate. I like to always bake on a silpat so they come off easily! They taste amazing warmed up for 10 seconds before serving, they get all gooey, yummm. Let’s just say these were such a hit at the party and gone in about 3 minutes (faster than all the wine).

3. Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins

Lately, I have been loving having some baked goods in the house in case we want a yummy sweet. These lemon poppy seed muffins reminded me of my Nana and I knew I would be dropping off groceries to her, so I made these so I could drop some off too. She called later that day and told me she thought they were from a bakery. So, I would call that a win! This recipe is from @wiltoncakes and you can find the recipe here. If you want something fluffy and cake like, these are a must bake!

4. Matcha Baked Donuts

Oh matcha, between the matcha iced almond milk lattes I have been making and these donuts-I still can’t get enough. It is def one of my new favorite flavors. I got my matcha powder on amazon and I have been loving it! These are Jeanine’s recipe from @loveandlemons and you can find the recipe here. These were the perfect texture and not too sweet, just the exact amount you would want. These donuts paired with an iced coffee, okay or even a hot coffee would be delicious.

5. Honey Vanilla Banana Bread

Probably 98% of your instagram feed has posted banana bread during this past month, but that’s because they know whats up. IT IS GOOD. IT IS COMFORTING. IT IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW. This is Gracie’s recipe from @hungry.blonde and you can find the recipe here. I added walnuts for a crunch and it was perfect! I love spreading cream cheese on top of my banana bread, I have been doing that forever, try it! This is just what you needed to bring you some warmth.

6. Carrot-Banana Muffins

These were my first quarantine bake. This was over a month ago now, wow. I could even remember the smell of our apartment while baking these, it smelled like a bakery. I had carrots and bananas that were turning way toooo brown and decided on baking some muffins, we froze a few so we still have some left, thankfully! This is Becca’s recipe from @forkinthekitchen and you can find the recipe here. Best served straight out of the oven or warmed up with butter, they melt in your mouth-plus they have tons of nutrients and even veggies in there! I think it is time to defrost one..

7. Iced Pumpkin Cookies

Okay, I know these are fall, but since I barely even know what day of the week it is, I am pretty sure any season works too. Also, be honest- go into your pantry, how many cans of pumpkin puree do you have? If you have ONE, you could make this! This is Ali’s recipe from @gimmesomeoven, you can find the recipe here. Fall reminds me of my college days with my roomates. We would blast Taylor Swift, go to pumpkin patches in our sweaters and boots, grab pumpkin iced coffees from Dunkin and then head to a frat party… oh the good ole days. These bring back the memories of a brisk fall day in college, which are memories I love. These fluffy cookies will bring you back to a fall day you loved too.

I hope you enjoy these recipes, I know I enjoyed baking and eating them! Tag me on instagram if you make any, I would love to see what you’re baking up in the kitchen. Stay safe & healthy.

xo Jamie

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