If you follow me on instagram or know me in real life, you know I have a slight addiction to iced coffee. Dunkin iced coffee, Starbucks iced coffee, cute coffee shop iced coffee and really anything that involves coffee and ice. I will tell you, my number one pet peeve is when a place tries to give me hot coffee over ice and call it iced coffee. I GO NUTS. DO NOT DO THAT. I REPEAT, DO NOT DO THAT. Due to #stayinghome, I started making my own iced coffee with my fave kitchen aid cold brew maker my mom got me as a gift, two years ago. I will be honest, I did not use it much up until now- but now I can’t stop. It’s practical and now I have my own coffee shop iced coffee served straight from my kitchen. I make it nice and creamy with almond milk creamer or regular creamer with a dash of my favorite syrup, Torani- sugar free vanilla bean. I am going to share a little bit about each product, that I use to make the most delish cup of creamy iced coffee every morning. Oh did I mention, I have an entire amazon store dedicated for iced coffee everything, you must check it out! Let’s get into each step to make the most epic glass of iced coffee.

1. Get a cute bar cart (coffee cart)

A few years ago on my birthday, Mark surprised me with a bar cart and had it stocked with whiskey, wine, vodka and cute glasses (it was so cute). Since we both love iced coffee, we decided to move the alcohol to the bottom of the cart and make an iced coffee cart on the top. On ours is easy to grab mason jars, straws, storage containers for sugar and tea, Torani, these cute mugs our wedding photographer gave to us, a cute pic from our coffee shop engagement shoot and some greenery. I love our iced coffee cart, it’s so us. Make yours YOU.

2. Purchase a cold brew coffee maker

My mom got us ours for a Christmas gift two years ago, I love it. It is a Kitchen Aid Cold Brew Maker and fits perfectly in our fridge. It is SO easy. You buy your favorite coffee grounds, put them in the cold brew maker, add water and then leave it in the fridge for 12 hours. Then, take out the coffee grounds and you have your cold brew that lasts about a week (or in our case, a few days since we drink so much). This is an investment, but during these times it’s worth making your coffee at home and over time you will save money. Just think about it, each iced coffee you buy is about $3-$5 anywhere you go, this is a one time purchase.

3. Add a yummy creamer

On days when I am fasting, I use an almond milk or coconut milk creamer in my iced coffees. When I drink my iced coffee after my fasting times, I use regular creamer. A few of my fave creamers are califia farms, nutpods (the coconut one) and silk (vanilla) . I prefer a creamer consistency so they are extra creamy! PS, pour the creamer slowly for pure swirl entertainment.

4. Add a syrup for sweetness

If I am making iced coffee, I am making it SWEET, but without the extra calories. When Mark and I went glamping in Utah this past summer, we stayed at a camp site that had a coffee shop. I was in heaven, we rolled out of our tent and bought iced coffees each morning. They were AMAZING and the trip to Utah was my favorite vacation with him yet. So when we got back home I ordered the Torani sugar-free vanilla bean syrup ( make sure you get vanilla bean, I am sure the vanilla is good too, but the vanilla bean is out of this world ) they used in our iced coffees. Now, every morning, I am filled with memories of our trip & have finally perfected my homemade iced coffees.

5. Stir it all together!

There you have it. Grab a mason jar, your metal or glass straw ( my new fave thing I ordered, btw ), add in your iced coffee, pour in your creamer of choice, add a splash or two of syrup and mix it all up. Enjoy your iced coffee outside in your backyard, on the couch or even to-go in the cutest glass cup that I have in every color. Beware, you will become addicted.

Not ready for a cold brew maker?

I have three fave brands I love and consistently use. These are perfect for displaying on your bar cart and making a self-serve iced coffee cart for a brunch, hint hint-bridesmaids, this would be cute for my bridal shower (hopefully in the near future). The first one is, Stok Cold Brew Coffee- I like the black one, check your target or grocery store, because it is currently sold out on Amazon, but the not too sweet black is a great option too! Second, Califia Farms- its strong and tastes like fancy coffee shop iced coffee, its a nice treat. Lastly, I am loving, Wandering Bear- its BIG (94 fl oz) and you’ll have it for about three weeks. These ones are such great options and so delish. Just add your creamer + syrup and you’re good to go!

Be sure to shop my amazon store, there is a FULL page of all my iced coffee necessities that you will ever need to make your very own coffee shop in your own home. I hope you enjoyed these tips as much as I did making them! Tag me in your creamy iced coffee photos!

xo Jamie

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