Summer Squash Bowls

Long time no see! I told myself I would write one recipe blog post a week, well that got hard! I never realized just how hard it is to make up your own recipe, with pinterest-you search anything and there is something for it. So I kinda stopped looking at pinterest when I was creating meals and hoped that mine were somehow different. It was HOT in NJ yesterday and I was craving something light with veggies. I made this warm summer squash bowl, by slicing the squashes up nice and thin and cutting them in half. Then, I sauteed them in olive oil with the chicken sausages (these are from Trader Joes and are the sun dried tomato ones, soooo good). I topped this bowl off with grape tomatoes, fresh basil, goat cheese, pine nuts and a squeeze of fresh lemon. It is light, flavorful, low carb and a delicious summer meal! Oh and this took me 12 minutes to make…


This recipe is for 2 adults, double to serve a family or to have as a side dish at a summer BBQ, i’ll be bringing this to the next one I attend!

  • 1 medium zucchini, sliced thin and in half
  • 1 medium yellow squash, sliced thin and in half
  • 2 chicken sausages, these are sun dried tomato
  • Olive oil, salt and pepper for sauteing
  • 3/4 cup of grape tomatoes, sliced in half
  • Goat cheese, topping
  • Pine nuts, topping
  • Chopped basil, topping
  • Red pepper flakes, topping
  • Fresh lemon juice, topping


  1. Start by prepping everything, it makes everything much easier! I chopped up all my veggies and put the toppings into bowls to have all ready.
  2. On medium heat, saute squash in olive oil for about 3 minutes. Add in chicken sausages, salt and pepper and saute for another 5 minutes or until the squash is softer and sausages are browning.
  3. Serve into a bowl and top with tomatoes, pine nuts, goat cheese, fresh basil, red pepper flakes and drizzle with lemon.

EASY PEAZY LEMON SQUEEZY. Oh gosh, why did I say that…

That is all! It really is that easy and oh so flavorful and delicious! Tag me on instagram if you make this yummy summer bowl. I can’t wait to hear what you think. This will be a repeating dinner for us this summer on our patio with a mason jar of botanical’s kettle one vodka, club soda and oranges…so refreshing! Have a great rest of the week!

xo Jamie

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