Hood Cottage Cheese Recipes

I have been so excited about this partnership with Hood Cottage Cheese@hphood on Instagram. This week, I made three simple, delicious and colorful recipes that all took less than 10 minutes to make! Each of them are creamy and filled with protein, making for a nutritious snack or meal. I used three varieties of Hood Cottage Cheese including blueberry, chive and cracked pepper. Each of them were so flavorful and matched perfectly with the flavors of the recipes. I actually grew up eating cottage cheese as a snack with my Nana and just had to recreate some of her recipes. As you all know, Nana lives that simple life, so I wanted to make these easy but yummy! Let’s get right into the recipes and be sure to find Hood Cottage Cheese in your local grocery stores to try them out for yourself.

Breakfast: Blueberry Cottage Cheese Toast 

I used Hood Cottage Cheese with Blueberry for this one! Just look at that color, wow. I first toasted some whole wheat bread, added the cottage cheese and spread it on, then I heated up blueberries with 1/8 cup of water and some fresh lemon juice on low heat. Topped the blueberry mix on the toast, added lemon juice, drizzled some honey and topped with fresh mint! This was such a yummy combo with the cold cottage cheese and warm blueberries. 

Snack: Cottage Cheese Stuffed Bell Peppers

I used Hood Cottage Cheese with Cracked Pepper and stuffed bell peppers for a creamy, crunchy and healthy combo! Pair your cottage cheese stuffed peppers with additional goodies such as nuts, cheeses, meats, fruits and crackers for a full snack board! The crunch of the pepper mixed with the creaminess of Hood Cottage Cheese with Cracked Pepper makes for such a yummy bite! These will be a hit at your next gathering, or make a mini snack board for yourself.

Lunch: Fresh Cottage Cheese Salad

I used Hood Cottage Cheese with Chives for this fresh salad. I filled my plate with arugula, chopped up some cucumbers and tomatoes and added a BIG spoonful of the cottage cheese! This is nana’s go-to salad and I have so many memories of eating this simple dish. Top it off with olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano and there you have it. It is easy, super healthy and light! I’ll be prepping these for my lunches for an easy grab and go lunch which will have me feeling satisfied. 

I hope you enjoy these recipes featuring Hood Cottage Cheese as much as I did! If you’re looking for a nutritious snack or meal filled with protein and flavor, this is it! Tag us on Instagram (@hphood & @jamie.devergillo) if you try any of these recipes, we would love to see them. Have a great rest of the week!

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