We’re Having a Baby!

YAY! We found out some amazing news on January 4th that we were going to be expecting a little baby in September!!!! We are so thrilled and have been so excited for the past 15 weeks or so. There is SO much to learn, so much excitement and we can’t wait to grow our family. My first trimester was a little rough, wowwww I have never ever been so tired, growing a tiny human is A LOT of work. I took naps almost daily, grabbed a bagel with cream cheese and pork roll like everyday and that nausea…oh baby. BUT it is all worth it in the end and I am 15 weeks now and my energy is back-hence the amount of explanation points in this past paragraph. I can’t wait to continue to share this beautiful journey with you all!

Before we found out the babies sex we were convinced we were having a baby boy! I obviously just wanted a healthy baby, but you know secretly was hoping for a baby girl. My Nana who most of you know is SO close to my heart was one of the first people we told about our baby on the way. She was so happy and excited and told us, “I know the baby is a girl, she has to be!”. My sweet Nana passed away in February…I am so happy to have so many memories with her and have learned so much from this amazing woman who was in my life for 30 years. We plan to honor Nana by giving our BABY GIRL (yup, Nana was right, as always!) Nana’s name, Irene as our daughters middle name.

So now, I am staying active by walking as much as I can. Feeding baby girl yummy fruits and of course eating lots of delish foods. My relationship with food has never been better, I am finally intuitively eating and enjoying myself, I hope to continue this post baby! I am excited to see myself grow, WOW…never thought I would say that one. Of course I know it may be hard with some body image issues I have shared, but this is all so worth it. My body is growing a little baby and that is beyond amazing! I am planning on giving myself grace throughout this pregnancy and welcoming the changes. We have less than six months to go and I plan to also cherish this time. NOW, time to start planing the nursery….so much fun!

Thank you all for joining us on these next steps of our life! Baby girl is already so loved by you all!!! Follow along here for all the updates! PS: Amazing photos by Lauren Anzevino!

xo Jamie

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