My Pregnancy Journey

Hi everyone! Now that I am in my last month of pregnancy (week 36 while writing this), I wanted to just go back and share my pregnancy journey. There have been so many up’s and down’s, memories, changes and experiences I had throughout that I wanted to remember and also share with you! * I want to preface that I am incredibly grateful and blessed to be pregnant and have a healthy baby check-up week after week, I understand this is not the case for everyone and I often think of those who are struggling to conceive or have many difficulties during pregnancy. I see you and am here for you. I just wanted to share my own experience, as everyone is totally different and be honest and open about mine, because it is not always butterflies and rainbows as people on social media portray. I figure the easiest way to do this is go by trimester! So I will be sharing my high’s and low’s of each one. Be sure to follow along on instagram for baby and life updates! Alright let’s get to it!

I found out I was pregnant super early around 3 weeks. I had this weird rash on my face and for some reason it made me want to go and take a pregnancy test. Well, I woke up at like 5:00am on January 3rd and I saw two lines! I was pretty shocked, it was a crazy surreal feeling and hard to believe. I got back into bed and waited for Mark to wake up and told him. He was like…”okay before we get too excited, I think you need to take another and one that actually says pregnant or not pregnant”. So, we went out and bought a few more tests that I took the next morning and it said PREGNANT! I’ll be honest, I was using an ovulation calendar since our wedding in September just to learn my cycle more and the day we conceived it said I had about a 13% chance of pregnancy, if I remember correctly, soooo we were semi in shock it actually happened, but extremely thankful.

My high’s

  • Finding out I was pregnant!
  • Our first ultrasound together and hearing the heartbeat,
  • Telling our families, especially that we were able to tell my Nana in person before she passed away. The moments telling our family were everything.
  • Finding out the sex of the baby at 10 weeks, I was over the top excited for a baby girl!
  • Telling our friends and sharing the excitement with them.
  • BAGELS, all day everyday.

My low’s

  • Exhaustion and nausea like crazy while having to go to work.
  • Feeling super lazy and not being able to move from the couch.
  • Stomach aches all night long and getting sick.
  • Food aversions began towards the end of this one.
  • Body changes that I was not used to and my clothes getting tighter.

We made it to week 13! I was so excited to finally share on social media with you all because I love my community and was holding something HUGE inside! I shared with you all around week 14 and you were all soooo supportive. The second trimester was the hardest one for me. I developed all of these pains around weeks 16-20 and I could barely walk or move and was still at work. I was not sure if it was round ligament pain, contractions happening or what, but it was very scary and I was crying daily on the couch in pain. It got really bad one day that I had Mark take us to the hospital. They could not find anything and told me to drink more water. The next week we had our anatomy scan and baby was doing GREAT, which was incredible to see and hear (how cute is she in that ultrasound!?) They did find out during the anatomy scan that I had a 6cm fibroid towards the bottom left near my ovaries, they think this was why I was in so much pain. They did not have too much concern but wanted to make sure 100% it was a fibroid and not a cyst on my left ovary, so they sent me for a cat scan, and it came back it was a fibroid, phew! So, with that, I was with high risk clinic for a bit because they had to make sure it did not grow, or I would need a c-section and surgery planned for it to be removed. So far, it has not grown and all is okay!

Along with this fibroid, I also began getting sick over like all foods…it was miserable I was in the bathroom for hours a day and couldn’t do anything. I cut out gluten, dairy and legumes and have felt a little better. Again, SO thankful baby girl was doing well throughout all of this, but it really took me out of my element and it was hard to stay positive and be happy like I usually was. I was tired, felt lazy, was so upset for not liking pregnancy like I had hoped I would, and honestly felt VERY down for a lot of this time. It was a hard trimester, but we got through it!

My high’s

  • Baby girl having a positive anatomy scan all around,
  • Starting to feel the flutters and little kicks.
  • Buying all the cute clothes for her and starting her “cutie” themed nursery.
  • Sharing on social media and having all your support!
  • The bump looking more like a bump and less like bloating.

My low’s

  • Finding the fibroid.
  • Allllll the food aversions and sickness I felt.
  • The hospital visit we needed to do (oh they also checked my dilation, OUCH)
  • Super low energy and feeling guilty that I could barely do anything.
  • A few bad body image days (thankfully not too many)
  • Feeling super down and not myself most days.

I am now at the tail end of the third trimester, YAY! As you could probably tell if you follow me on instagram, I am soooo impatient these days and really can’t wait to meet baby girl! ( we have a favorite name picked and we are waiting to see her first, but I think this is it and I love it for our baby!) Our nursery is done, YAYYYY, I will be sharing later this week, probably tomorrow because I am way to excited to share all the details with you all! Our house is prepped, cleaned 100x over and organized and ready for her. The last thing we have to do is install our car seat base, which we will be doing this week. Our hospital bags our packed and we are ready to go whenever she is ready to make her appearance. I think this has been my “best” trimester when it comes to how I have felt physically and emotionally. My food issues have been semi sorted out now that I have cut gluten, dairy and legumes and stomach issues have lessened a tonnnnnn. I am just really hoping I can have them again after I give birth because it will be pumpkin season and I really need my pumpkin iced coffee’s with CREAM. During the past few weeks I had my baby shower which was amazing, a maternity photoshoot which was so much fun and I felt beautiful, and have just been preparing us for baby to come. I am soooo excited to see Mark become a dad, he is is going to be absolutely smitten, I know it! I am barely sleeping at night because I have to use the bathroom every other minute and because my thoughts spin a ton, but I have energy during the day for the most part, so I am happy!

My high’s

  • My baby shower was great and I felt so much love for baby girl!
  • Deciding on a name (at least I think so…..)
  • Finally having less stomach aches.
  • Nesting and energy to clean, organize and get things ready.
  • Excitement that we’re getting closer to meeting her.
  • Seeing Mark get more excited and ready to be a dad.
  • LOT’s and lots of chicken pad thai lol.
  • Still minimal body image issues…yay!

My low’s

  • Some days super low energy.
  • Anxious about everything to come and all the new of it all.
  • Nervous about breast feeding.
  • Not sleeping well at night, up 100 times to use the bathroom or not comfortable.

Now, it is the final count down. My guess is she is going to come around 38 weeks…for some reason I have always had this feeling. I guess we will see! Thank you all for following along, reading my thoughts, sharing your experiences and your favorites and just being there for me! I am so excited to take you on my motherhood journey and appreciate each and every one of you! Now, let’s have this baby!

Photos: Lauren Anzevino

xo Jamie

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