Daisy’s Holiday Gift Guide

Hi all! Happy holiday season! We are so so excited for Daisy’s first Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are approaching too quickly. I have already started holiday shopping for her and ordered a bunch of these items on this list and sent the rest to her grandparents to get her (hehehe, she may be a little spoiled). There are so many fun and exciting toys on the market so I had to narrow it down to a few! The toys listed are for the 3 month to around 1 year stage. I listed my top ten favorite finds that Daisy will be getting. Feel free to shop through the blog, it will help support my family and we appreciate it SO much! The website I shopped on (Maisonette) also has a new customer discount code I used for 10% off and free shipping, it is HELLO10. Click the photoa to shop the toy or the link in the description. I hope these catch your attention as much as they did mine. Happy holiday shopping!!! Follow along on instagram to see Daisy play with all these toys after Christmas!

Sophie teether’s seem to be a favorite! I see them everywhere, so we had to get one for her when she starts teething!

How cute is this safari lion plush stacker! It just arrived this week and I am loving the size and how cozy it is!

We know I love me some farm stuff and just look at that PIGGY! This farm roller set of five is so cute and I think this will really keep her attention!

I loved this water play farm mat, mostly because I grew up on a farm and I love me anything farm related. This is perfect for tummy time and I can’t wait to see how she likes it! I loveeee how bright and colorful it is!

I had to get this adorable DAISY onesie! I ordered it in the 3-6 size and it is going to look so cute with a pair of pants and a cardigan!

Act fast on these Lucy Darling teethers! I actually ordered a daisy one, but it is already sold out! This sun and rainbow one is so cute I may need it too!

This adorable walker TOO CUTE! It is wooden but also colorful so I really liked the design plus it has flowers on it so I was sold instantly. This will be perfect to use when she is around 9 months or so to help with learning how to walk!

These little bead rollers are perfect for play time! I can’t wait to hang on the floor with her and see her move them around.

I love these art cards for baby! The black and white contrast is a favorite of the little babies!

Last, but not least, this adorable animal name puzzle! We got Daisy her name with a cute panda piece!

I hope you enjoyed all of my holiday gift finds for baby girl Daisy! I hope you have an amazing holiday season and remember, above all LOVE is the best present we can give our babies, all of this is just extra. Be sure to follow on Instagram to keep up with our family!

xo Jamie

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