Babbleboxx Mom + Baby Box

Thank you to Babbleboxx for this amazing winter box filled with such amazing goodies for baby girl and myself! *This blog post is sponsored by Babblebox. I was introduced to so many new brands through this box and baby girl is loving her items! I wanted to share with you about the six brands that were included in this box. We will be using most of the items and I will be gifting a few to my friends who are about to have babies! Now, let’s get into this mom + baby winter box filled with great stuff!!

1. The First Years

The first item is from The First Years ,  I was so excited to receive The First Years, First Dreams 3D Portable Bassinet . We’re on the go a lot and this is perfect and SO easy to pack in the car and bring for Daisy to use for her naps when we visit family or friends! I love knowing she’s somewhere comfy and safe to sleep when we travel. We also use this in our living room, because she officially out grew her basket for naps. I love that you can see her from all angles with the 3D mesh so that I can cook and clean with ease, knowing I can see her at all times. Also, it is Jamie proof, aka you don’t even need to put it together, you just take it out of the box and it opens up! Oh, and it’s super cute and matches our living room aesthetics win win.

We also received The First Years, Gentle Warmth Digital Bottle Warmer. This has been perfect for these colder days! In all honestly, I had stopped using a bottle warmer when it was warmer out, but now I can tell she is much more soothed when having her formula warmed up with this winter chill going on outside. I like using this one because it’s small , white and stays out on the counter, but doesn’t make the counter look cluttered (total pet peeve of mine). The bottle warmer also warms it up so nicely (we use the room temp setting) with a warm water bath, which keeps the bottles warmer longer. She has been loving her warmer bottles now!

2. Baby Magic

I was excited to see Baby Magic moisturizing lotion and shampoo because I have yet to pick a favorite for bath time! Daisy has finally started warming up to baths and these products really helped! They smelled super gooood and were nice and gentle on her little body.

3. Triple Paste

This Triple Paste, diaper cream was just what I needed to add to her changing station! It is an in one triple protection – prevents, treats, soothes. It’s been great when she is looking irritated and has helped so much. You can find a coupon to use on their website!

4. WishGarden

I will be gifting these WishGarden AfterEase & Baby Blues liquid herbal extracts to a friend giving birth in a week! AfterEase can be used to soothe normal and temporary afterbirth contractions that occur when the uterus contracts and returns to its normal pre- pregnancy size. Baby Blues can be used to calm and soothe a new mom experiencing baby blues! These would have been perfect for post baby and I can’t wait to gift them to someone who will love them.

5. Bamboobies

I will also be gifting these Bamboobies nursing pads and nipple balm to a mom friend who will be breastfeeding! These sound super helpful for someone who is breastfeeding their baby and would make such a difference! They will be perfect for her to pack in her hospital bag for post partum! You can use the promo code: BABBLEBOXX on their website for 30% off your purchase until the end of the year!

Thank you so much for reading along and checking out these amazing products! Follow along on instagram to continue seeing my motherhood journey! Have a great weekend and stay warm 🙂

xo Jamie

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