DIY “Cutie” Basket

Hi!! Baby girl will be here in just three short months and I am officially in nesting mode! I am decorating her nursery with a “cutie” theme with oranges and pinks and I am so happy with it so far! Baby girl is going to love all the bright colors and I can’t wait until she is here with us. Today I was brainstorming some crafts and I thought of making a cutie basket with pom poms. It turned out better than I even imagined and I had to share with you all asap! I got the basket and pom poms at Target and then felt at Michael’s (I also added foam behind the felt to make it a little more sturdy). All you have to do is use a glue gun and place the pom poms and cut out leaves on the basket, yup easy as that!!! Lemon’s, strawberries and blueberries would be super cute too! I hope you love this project just as much as I did. It is affordable ($17) and EASY, it took only 15 minutes to make. I can’t wait to continue to share the rest of baby girls nursery with you. I posted the DIY video on my instagram here! Follow me on instagam for more updates, recipes, home decor and more! Have fun!!


  • Basket, I got mine from Target! Linked here!
  • Medium Pom poms, also from Target! Linked here!
  • Green felt (I picked up one sheet from Michael’s)
  • Green foam board (I picked up one sheet from Michael’s)
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Lay your basket flat and hot glue gun the pom pom’s where you would like them,
  2. Cut out your felt leaves and glue them to the foam board and then on top of the pom poms.
  3. Literally that is it!!!!!! Display in your nursery or home.
  4. ENJOY!

I hope you enjoy this basket as much as I do! Have fun with making it and I can’t wait to see your versions! Be sure to tag me on instagram so I can check them out.

Xo Jamie

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