Jalapeño Popper Kielbasa Pasta Bake

Hi guys! It has been quite bit since I have posted, but I think this recipe will redeem me. Let me tell you…this is a YUMMY ONE. It may be one of my favorite recipes. It has been so gloomy and snowy and rainy in NJ and I wanted to make something comforting and warm.Continue reading “Jalapeño Popper Kielbasa Pasta Bake”

Babbleboxx Thanksgiving Box!

I was so excited to receive my babbleboxxoffical Thanksgiving themed box! (Disclaimer: *this post is sponsored by BabbleBoxx) It was filled with SO many goodies to make appetizers, side dishes, desserts and more! I visited my parents one day after work and made a few recipes for us to enjoy. All of them were fall themedContinue reading “Babbleboxx Thanksgiving Box!”

Hood Cottage Cheese Recipes

I have been so excited about this partnership with Hood Cottage Cheese – @hphood on Instagram. This week, I made three simple, delicious and colorful recipes that all took less than 10 minutes to make! Each of them are creamy and filled with protein, making for a nutritious snack or meal. I used three varietiesContinue reading “Hood Cottage Cheese Recipes”